About us

At MC Magnet, we provide outstanding software development services to convert your ideas into real-life custom business solutions unavailable with the standard, boxed products.

Need a hand in software development? You’re in the right place.

We are a 30-people software development outsourcing company from UE. We have a record of more than 50 successfully completed projects.
We will reach out to you and do our best to understand your needs in order to deliver smart solutions tailored for your company, regardless of its size or profile.
Be it e-commerce, finance or any other industry – we’re ready to offer the best technologies. We maximize the returns from your IT development spending while you can stay focused on your core business.


Our 3 principles

We know our client

Our mission is to keep pace with your ideas and address your changing business needs. Our software solutions are fast to deploy, well-targeted, future-proof and cost-effective.

Whether you are a big international enterprise or an independent entrepreneur, we will adjust to the scale of your needs. For us, every project is a new, intriguing story waiting to be written in the right programming language.

We know our job

We won’t pretend we know more about your industry than you do. That said, we know a great deal about programming, testing, graphic design and effective project management whose joined forces can boost your business. Java, PHP, .NET, mobile and beyond – there are hardly any technologies hiding under our radar.

While paying attention to the minute project details, we always keep in mind the big picture so that the final effect is coherent and addresses your fundamental needs. Following the Agile software development practices & Scrum methodology, we make sure we’re on the same page at each stage of the project.

We know our assets

We may not be the best football players (although we play in championships!) or the best runners (although we run in marathons!) but software development is what we win at. When hiring, we look for passionate competitors from some of the Poland’s best engineering institutes.

We don’t claim our developers, testers and designers know it all, but together they create amazing work that’s far more than the sum of its parts. Our diverse talents, coupled with in-depth business experience, exceptional infrastructure and two modern development centers are what makes us the winning team.