How we work

There’s a balanced formula behind MC Magnet’s success

Your needs are the first ingredient. We know you want to see your project progress and remain certain we’re going to deliver exactly what you need. That’s why we work according to Best methodologies: Agile and Scrum.


Your needs in SCRUM

With us, you always know what tasks your team performs at any given time. You can also test and review working prototypes on every small step of the way.


We know you want
to stay in touch

And that’s why all of our 43 developers are Germany speakers. We use great tech, like Microsoft RoundTable, so that even half a world away you’re going to feel like you’re in the next room. Nearshore was never nearer.


Then, there are skills

Lots of them. We have experts in most technologies, with hundreds of successfully completed projects. Whether you need an enterprise database or a mobile app for kids – we have someone who knows exactly how to make it happen.

All of the development efforts take place in modern, friendly offices, and are supported by a powerful, secure server backbone, that can host any applications and services.


Quality is the last ingridient

Our focus on quality. We hire developers who are not here to just tick all the boxes and go home. They want to create awesome work that could make them (and you) proud.

Our Quality Assurance services are also exceptional. We test our software in many ways, from functional tests and continuous integration to highest quality static code analysis.

Now you know the formula

One part of careful attention to your needs, one part of great development talent, one part of transparent communication, one part of latest tools and methodologies – and a healthy pinch of QA.

Sounds simple, but when someone else tries the same, it just doesn’t feel like at MC Magnet. Have a taste, and you’ll know why so many of our customers never found a better team than ours.