IT Outsourcing

Take it off your hands

First of all – do you know anything about software development? And if you do – isn’t it way too expensive? Even if you’ve already mastered the art of collaborating with the IT crowd, and somehow whatever they do appears to work, we have a message for you: we’ll do it better.

Forget about the development process. Forget about painful staff recruitment or headhunters poaching your team. Forget about documentation, hardware, endless testing. Welcome to MC Magnet, where the job gets done

Tell us about your needs

We go far beyond coding. We look at your needs, we discuss them with you, we try to walk in your shoes. Based on our joined conclusions we design the desired solution. Than we get to coding.

You outsource the whole process, not just part of it. This means you get rid of all the associated tasks. Would it be documentation, estimations, project management, testing or deployment – we do it all, from start to finish. You order – we deliver.

How do I know they’ll deliver?

You will. We never keep you in the dark. On the contrary, we are totally transparent, we want you to talk to us! You may call us, you may Skype us, you may write an e-mail. You may always have a look at our online task management tool, ATUS. If you wish, you can even create tasks on your own. And always, no matter what, you’ll get weekly progress report with detailed summary of what we did and how long it took.

If communication wasn’t enough – methodologies we use, Agile and Scrum, assure that you’ll see the results of our work. Every week or two, we deploy a tangibly improved version of your project just to let you check if we did what you expected.


To get the job done properly we find out a lot of details about your business. We realize the value of information. NDAs or other secrecy clauses? No problem, we’ll sign them. They just formalize one of our basic rules: things said in MC Magnet – stay in MC Magnet.