Software Development

Why develop software at all ?

There is plenty of ready-made, off-the-shelf software on the market. Why not use it? Here’s why: think about your clothes – you can wear “one-size-fits-all” shirt but would you look good in it? Would it be comfortable? Hardly so.

It’s the same with software – generic applications work… somehow. They do address your basic needs. Do they, however, give you the edge over competitors? No. This is where we come in. We provide you with software that fits your business needs.

The process

First of all – we look at each of our customers individually. Your needs are not generic, so our approach isn’t as well. We go further than your initially expressed expectations. We look deeper than the list of gaps you know of. We want to understand your whole business before we move to any conclusions.

When we get the holistic view – we present you our offer. Together, we agree on the details: the architecture, the technology, the roadmap, the deadline. When the key decisions are made, we manage the whole project internally. All the mundane details of software development are our headache, never yours.


This is our bread and butter. PHP? .NET? Java? You name it, we’re experts in it. It’s not interesting when you look at the process – a bunch of guys sitting quietly in front of big screens, looking nerdy. It’s the outcome that matters.

We stop coding from time to time – to have a Scrum meeting, to have a snack, but most often to talk to you. Some details cannot be planned ahead, some problems require ad hoc decisions. Whenever your input is essential – you’ll be nagged to tell us what you think.

It’s not free

But we charge you based on time and resources, nothing more. Sure, we can do a fixed-price project, but when you get to know us – you find out that time we account for couldn’t have been spent more efficiently.

And last, but not least:
We deliver. Always